Aaron Makelky:

Your AI Teacher

Just Imagine...
...starting your day stress-free, not worried about your research to organize or papers to write.
...excited to go to class knowing you have the tech tools you need to master the content & earn high grades on assignments.
...having a real teacher who shows you how to use tools like ChatGPT & other AI programs rather than trying to block them or make you think AI is cheating.

Hey- I’m Aaron Makelky
I specialize in teaching my students to use AI to help them raise their grades & lower their stress without cheating. I have a bachelor's degree in teaching social studies & a master's degree in educational leadership. With a deep understanding of digital tools and AI, I guide students to not just survive the digital era but to thrive in it.

My journey has been about bridging the gap between old school teaching methods and the learning possibilities offered by technology.
I have always taught my students how to use technology in my classroom. This not only ensures they learn the required knowledge skills, but it prepares you for life AFTER SCHOOL. (something very few teachers even think about)

Teachers always say the same things:

  • "AI is cheating. If you use it, I will bust you!"

  • "I didn’t have those apps when I learned this stuff, so you don’t need them either!"

"I don’t have time to learn new tech, I get to retire in a few years. I’ll just keep using the same lecture slides & assignments I’ve always used." (yes, I had a fellow teacher actually say this to me)

My mission is to simplify and demystify technology for any student who wants to learn. Our world is changing more rapidly than ever in human history. But are your teacher’s methods? Are your classes being taught any different than in 1987? (the year PowerPoint came out!) The world is built & rebuilt with technology like generative artificial intelligence, but is this part of your current education?

After doing all my own assignments with AI for a school year, I realized how awesome tools like ChatGPT & Microsoft CoPilot are for students! I started not only introducing them to my students, but requiring them to use AI on many of our assignments.

I thought all of my students had been tinkering with AI & would have a basic understanding of these powerful tools. But I quickly realized I was dead wrong: most of my students had never even experimented with AI. This reaffirmed why I needed to get my students up to speed with technology. Not just to do well in their current classes, but to prepare them for their careers & lives beyond school!

Many teachers invoke: “In the real world…”, while they have no practical experience outside of education.

  • What job would tell you not to Google a fact? (my students can use Google & AI on tests & assignments, seriously!)

  • What boss wouldn’t want you to use AI to brainstorm ideas?

  • What career would force you to do things paper/pencil so you don’t cheat?

That’s right, just SCHOOL!

Technology should be your friend, and we should be teaching you how to use it in ethical, creative ways. If your teachers aren’t teaching you these things, you have come to the right place! I'm here to show you that with the right tools and guidance, you can:

No longer feel intimidated by technology. I’ll help you with which tools to get you started, & which ones to ignore

Engage with your class material on higher levels without having to put more time into studying or writing papers

Enjoy the freedom to automate the tedious tasks you are forced to engage in as a student (spend your time doing something more rewarding that formatting an MLA works cited page or walking down to the tutor center for feedback on an assignment)

Are You Ready to Unlock the AI Advantage?
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