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How to Use AI Tools as a College Student  

Your peers are already using tools like ChatGPT to simplify their lives & perform better in school. Don't know where to start or which tools to learn? I will help get you up to speed quickly without having to watch dozens of YouTube videos or read a bunch of articles by people who aren't actual teachers.

Easy AI Integration

Master a straightforward, college student-friendly approach to using generative AI tools. Our step-by-step guidance ensures you can start finding innovative uses for AI without needing a Computer Science degree or knowing programming.

How to Stop Wasting Time 

Is most of your school work boring, repetitive, and busy work? Do you feel like your professors are just trying to fill the time & load you up with time-intensive assignments? Let me teach you how to automate or speed up the time-wasters so you can focus on what really matters.

AI Resources for College Students

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